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About eating and drinking in the store

​If you wish to eat or drink in the store, please check the availability of seats by phone in advance.

Lunch business hours (food and drink in the store): Monday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00 (LO: 17:30)

​ Saturday is open only for takeout and delivery (UberEATS only) / Regular holiday: Sunday


Lunch set

Lunch in the store

The lunch menu has been significantly renewed! Due to the influence of Corona, we have reduced the number of seats, so please make a reservation in advance.


Bento set

Lunch box in-store food and drink

The bento set, which is a set of selectable bento boxes and selectable side menus, is a service that allows you to eat in at the store.



Drinks and desserts alone are OK

It will be crowded with takeout and delivery orders until after noon, so it is recommended from 14:00 to 16:00.


At Cafe Kobo Wami, we always have more than 30 kinds of bento menus!


We have a wide selection of meat mains, fish mains, rice bowls, hearty menus, nagomi-style Italian pasta and homemade pizzas, so you won't be thrilled.


We have a wide variety of side dishes that are as good as the lunch box menu!

You can get a reasonable satisfaction with the additional menu of home rice, children who are in the middle of eating, and evening drinks after work!

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